AGRONIC MidiVario ii

The AGRONIC MidiVario II baler wrapper combination with a variable bale chamber. 
This machine meets all the requirements of your customers. With only one machine you can make bales in diameter of 88cm    1m.

The setting of the bale size can be done in 4 different positions.

  • Size of Bale: 85cm (width) x 88cm – 1m (diameter)
  • Volume of Bale: 0,52    0,67m3
  • Weight of Bale: 75    200kg
  • Variable bale chamber with chain-elevator system. 
  • Pick-up width: 1.5    1.7m
  • Infeeding rotor with 7 knives cutting system
  • Workspeed: ± 65 bales/hour