The AGRONIC MidiFix is an extremely compact machine.  

The heart of the MidiFix consists of 14 symmetrical bale chamber rolls which guarantees exceptional high pressure density and bale rotation under all crop conditions. 

Combined with the patented bale transfer system and a quick wrapper with double wrapper-arms, the machine has unmatched capacity!

  • Size of Bale: 85cm (width) x 90cm (diameter)
  • Volume of Bale: 0,55 m3 
  • Weight of Bale: 75kg – 150kg
  • Fixed bale chamber with 14 heavy-duty chamber rollers 
  • Pick-up width: 1.7 m
  • Infeeding rotor with 7 knives cutting system
  • Workspeed: ± 65 bales/hour